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Our standalone Imaging Database Application for Windows Platforms


An SDK that allows integration of Imaging capabilities with your own Host application


Windows based composite sketching program


Crime Scene templates for use with Microsoft Visio®


Agency Usage Information

How many Police Officers/Jailers do you currently have?
How many annual arrests/bookings are made?
Who is your current records/jail management vendor?
What hardware platform are you using?
Do you have a MIS Department?
Do you have an existing mug shot or document imaging system?
If yes, what is the name of it?
If not, how are you currently taking mug shots?
Do you currently use ID Badges or Wristbands?
What is your budget cycle?
Do you have funds budgeted for this project?
Approximately how much?
Will you be going out to bid?
If yes, approximately?
Are there any other applications you are looking for at this time?
Does your city/county utilize a document imaging program?
Are your fingerprints done manually?
Are your fingerprints done via Livescan/AFIS?
If yes, what is the name of the system?
Are you interested in Grant Information

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